Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 332: Yesterday Was Plain Awful

You know that line?  It's from a song in "Annie".  Tomorrow, I could say that about today.  Although, oddly enough, my mood today was much improved from yesterday.  But still, some awful things happened today.

3/5ths of the family is sick.  And getting sicker.  And I drove the van into a cement wall today.  We're all okay (van included), but I'm thinking that's one more thing I wouldn't have to worry about when living in Amish Country.

Still, today had it's good points.  One of which was watching the kids play with their friends at the children's museum.  Especially when they were dressed up in safari clothes and loading as many large stuffed lions and tigers and giraffes into the back of the Jeep as they possibly could.  Yes, Joyful Moments can be found in the Jungle Room.  Even after a car accident.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments in the Jungle Room--without the car accident!

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Linda said...

Well, my joy is that after reading this blog I talked to you and heard your voice. So grateful that you are all safe.