Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 331: Back In Time

That's where I'm really wanting to go.  I know life involved a lot more hard work back the, but I'm tired of all the busyness in my life.  It feels like I put so much effort into "things" and "stuff" and only a small fraction produces meaningful results.

Take today for example, I spent the better part of three hours dragging my kids all over town in search of the perfect Christmas tree on clearance.  Tonight as I sit here, I have only one Christmas tree in my house and it is dying and destined for the tree recycling drop off tomorrow.  I did get a few other things that we need during those three hours of errands, but the bulk of them were spent looking for a tree while the one that I'd found on-line, that I loved, got sold at a different store.

And it was sort of the culmination of my growing discontent.

What a wonderful intro to a post on a blog dedicated to finding joy.

Today was frustrating.  But it was the final straw and now I'm going to really sit back and re-evaluate and simplify (again) and see what I come up with this time.  And if it doesn't work this time, I might have to pack up my family and head to Amish Country.

As usual, Baby B came to my rescue in the Joyful Moment department.  He's sick again, which is no fun.  But it did provide extra opportunity for snuggles.  And his sweet, fuzzy head on my shoulder is always a Joyful Moment.

Wishing you all sweet, snugly, fuzzy Joyful Moments!

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Linda said...

Having just realized that we need a presiding member of our bishopric at our grandson's blessing tomorrow night, my joy is that all 3 were willing and that 1 is actually able to do it. :)