Saturday, December 25, 2010

Day 329: Merry CHRISTmas!

Today was a nearly perfect Christmas. As far as gift giving and receiving goes, everything felt exactly right. Not too much or two little. Things went smoothly, too. The kids have played happily with their toys--no bratty outbursts or tantrums. HH took a nap while the kids and I put together and played with all their stuff. I was able to do my traditional Christmas Day run, although not in the traditional way. I love to run outside on Christmas day because virtually no one is out and it feels so peaceful, but I got outside today only to discover that the ground was covered in a lovely, smooth sheet of glass. Or ice. And I didn't dare run on it. So, I went back in downtrodden, but HH insisted that I keep my tradition (it's been in place since long before I met him) and helped me get the treadmill "fixed" and running again!

And then we went carolling at an assisted living facility with some friends. It was really fun. And visiting with some darling, sweet ladies after was delightful. I think the kids and I will make some repeat visits.

But the true Joyful Moment today comes from the reason we have today--our Savior, Jesus Christ. Because a tiny baby was born in bethlehem thousands of years ago my life has meaning. I know who I am and where I came from. I know that I am a child of God. That my children are children of God. I know that after this life, my life will continue. I know that my family can be my family forever. Forever and ever and ever. I never have to be separated from my HH. I know that He is the ultimate source of Joy and that what He wants most for me is eternal Joy.

In that spirit, I wish you all Joyful Moments regardless of whatever else life is offering right now in knowing that Jesus Christ loves you!

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Merry Christmas!


Linda said...

You have such a dedicated HH. I'm grateful for him too. We had lots of joy today - watching your Sweet P play the violin was awesome. And talking with you and her and Little M and Baby B was also a treat. Not as wonderful as being together, but wonderful all the same. Joy again when your sisters and their families showed up. Much better to have our home as full as possible on these special days. love you!

Linda said...

great video