Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 335: Tangled

First, because I've been sort of a downer this week (I know--I'm sorry!), I must let you all know that today went well.  I got things done, spent good quality time with the kids, and didn't really feel hurried or stressed  at any point.  It has been beautiful.

Anyway, you can maybe guess from the title, but today the kids and I saw "Tangled" in the theatre with a bunch of friends.  It was really cute!  I loved it.  And so did the kids.  And it was fun to go together.  We never go to movies in the theater.  Even at the matinee price, I could have purchased the movie for what I paid in ticket price.  But that's not a very Joyful attitude, so we'll move on...

I feel very fortunate that we sat by my friend who didn't have any children of her own to look after.  She was able to keep Sweet P and Little M company while I was down by the exit trying to convince Baby B that it was fun to be in the dark for a couple hours.  He did pretty well, but mostly preferred for me to stand.

Anyway, that and the rest of today was just the Joyful Moment I needed as we're coming to the end of this week--and this year!

Wishing you all Joyful Moments that are just what you need!

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Linda said...

No need to apologize, actually your honesty and frankness has been a real help. Tonight we did lip syncing and laughed till we cried. There was much talent displayed - Scott as Santa, Amy as Rudolph, and the kids as reindeers. Meg and Weston did an amazing choreography to a punk Christmas song. And Dad & I had a whole lot of fun with "Santa Claus is Watching You". Want to call and lip sync over skype?