Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 457: Mom, DO NOT Read This Yet

Or you will ruin your Mother's Day surprise.  But I'm just to excited about it not to post!

Just in case you don't avert your eyes quickly enough, I'll post pictures of another part of today's Joyful Moment first.  Some baby booties I made for a friend's new baby!  (With major help from another friend)

I fell in love with both of these fabrics, so I wanted to make sure both showed.  And I made those pretty brown flowers on the toes!  I'm really proud of myself!  Joyful Moments!

So, now that I'm finished with Baby B's birthday parties, it's time to get caught up and finish all my other projects and endeavors.  And I was able to get almost all of them done today!  That was a Joyful Moment in and of itself.  But then a lot of them involved doing something for someone else--and as we all know, serving others is a surefire way to Joyful Moments.

As I was reflecting over how amazing it was at how much I accomplished today, I remembered that I woke up a little early this morning and did my scripture study first thing (instead of last, as I have been for a while).  And I have no doubt that because I made that a priority, Heavenly Father helped me be more effective with the rest of my time.  Joyful Moment of gratitude!

Now, for the Mother's Day Surprise.  I made two of these (also with extensive help from yet another friend).  One for my mom and one for HH's mom.  And as I'm looking at it, I'm realizing that I photographed it upside down.  That chain actually looks quite pretty on the other side.  Just imagine that.

At any rate, I'm super proud of these too!  And super excited to send them off (almost) in time for Mother's Day!

Wishing you all Joyful Moments where things actually turn out the way you imagined them!


vibrams said...

Very nice!Welcome to share

Melanie said...

love the booties. ADORABLE!

Meg said...

ummm... in the unlikely event that I ever have a baby girl, will you please make her some of those booties? Please please? They are SO cute!

Linda said...

THANKS! I opened it last night. Homemade gifts are always a treasure. Thanks for thinking of me. :) I love you!