Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 477: Through The Dark Clouds

Today I am just sad.  I'm finally starting to feel not sick, but my energy is still so low.  I can't fathom getting back into any sort of a workout routine again--let alone the one I was doing before all of this hit.  I can't even get caught up on the house work and errands I put off all of last week.

I'm pretty sure my old routine is a big part of why I got SO sick, but I'm struggling to figure out how to get an acceptable routine--and therefore my happiness--back.

That being said, I did find Joyful Moments.  One was the first peonies blooming in our backyard.  I didn't take a picture yet because it's nowhere near as pretty as it will be in a bit when they all blossom.

Another was this:

It was even cuter in real life, without the harsh lighting from the flash.  I love my sweet little thumb sucker in all his darlingness.

And finally, I sat down and played the piano and sang my heart out tonight.  While HH kindly got the kids ready for bed without asking me to stop, even though it was rather disruptive.  I don't have the amazing singing voice I've always wished I had.  But when I sit and play the piano, I like to pretend anyway.  For a little while, I can tune out reality and whatever is bugging me and it always makes me happy.  So, that was the final Joyful Moment I'm going to share with you tonight.

Thanks for listening.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments made even better by a whole lot of darlingness!

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Linda said...

We just wish we could have also listened to your piano playing and singing. Your voice is much better than you realize. Really!

My joy was getting a great haircut from your little sis's stylist. Now if I can repeat what he did when it comes to styling it, I'll have even more joy.