Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 471: A Picnic & A Program

Thursday is Little M's last day of preschool for this school year.  We're both okay with that.

But today, his class had their final program at the park.  Followed by a picnic.

This was my Joyful Moment.  Watching these cute little kids sing and dance their hearts out.  In this picture, they're goin' on a bear hunt.  Amazing how the "fuzzy little tail" part made them giggle EVERY time.  So cute.  Little M really loves to sing and dance, so I thoroughly enjoyed watching him have a blast. And I was so thankful that I felt well enough to be there and wasn't stuck at home in bed.  (Although, it would have been great for HH to actually get to participate in one of these sweet events.)

The picnic was as enjoyable as any meal eaten during extreme wind conditions could be.  Actually, even better, because Baby B kept grabbing food off of my plate, or out of my hand, and then promptly throwing it on the ground.  And then whining because he had none.

It was fantastic.

But then I got to watch my cutie pie play with all of his friends (while Baby B enjoyed a cookie) and the Joyful Moments began again.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments sheltered from severe wind conditions!


Linda said...
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Linda said...
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Linda said...

oooh, I really really REALLY like your font! And your side quotes. And I LOVE you!

Today's joyful moment for me was when one of granddaughters called to ask if I prefer cats or dogs. I'm grateful for school assignments and other activities that create opportunities to communicate with my sweet grandchildren. :)