Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 475: Hibachi San

So, after being holed up in my house trying to recover (we're now suspecting pneumonia just may have been part of the mix of my afflictions--hooray!), I decided to muster up all of my energy for a fun night on the town with my gal pals.

There were birthdays to be celebrated!  Namely (or picturely), the two on the right.  Through the smokey haze of the hibachi grill.

I've missed my gal pals.

Last night my emotional state took a rapid nose dive.  Too many successive days of being wasted tired, without my exercise-induced endorphins, and no clear end in sight set the stage.  And then there was some slight discord between me and HH and bada bing bada boom.  Bad news for us all.

So, HH semi-forcefully nudged me out the door, knowing that this event was exactly what my sad soul needed.

And he was right.  A night of chatting and laughter and hibachi flames rejuvenated my spirits.  Because we all know, I have really great friends.  And they just have that effect.  They are Joyful Moment bringers.  Which is why, hanging out with them tonight was my Joyful Moment.

But I did have to cut the night short because my sad little body was way too tired from all the fun.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments with Joyful Moment bringers!

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Linda said...

We went to the cemetery where my Dad and Mom are buried. Yesterday was my mom's 88th birthday and I miss her, especially this last week. It was joyful to think that although their bodies are resting there, she and my dad are busy doing good things TOGETHER.