Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 484: Can't Concentrate

HH is listening to some awful song as I'm trying to type, so if this post lacks my usual literary genius--it's his fault.

Good thing he's so gosh darn sexy.  How cute is he, trying to teach Sweet P how to swing her little putter?

This was our fun activity this morning.  I've been in a bit of a funk again.  (My health is just being really lame and my psyche is really struggling to rise above it.)   So, HH came up with this idea to get us all out of the house, having fun.  I don't know that I had any true Joyful Moments, but this definitely helped thaw my cold, grumpy heart.

Then we all took a nap.

Then we headed to the park to join some friends at a festive barbecue.  We have great friends.  Surprise. I know I've never mentioned that before.  Hanging out with HH and them was a Joyful Moment.

But then we came home and Baby B stood while trying to pet the dog.  As much as I am saddened by him growing up, it was a Joyful Moment to see him finally making progress.  And he just looked so cute standing there all wobbly and proud.  Then, only moments later, he waved and said "Bye bye" to HH and the other kids while I was taking him off to bed.  That's the first time he waved.  And his first word.  Again--Joyful Moment.

But, what the heck?!  Can we spread this whole growing up thing out, over a couple of days, at least?  Preferable, a couple months.  I'm really in no hurry here.

And, of course, we talked off and on throughout the day with the kiddos about what Memorial Day is all about.  We've got all kinds of military heroes on both sides of the family.  I am so grateful for their service and dedication to freedom.  Especially those who are currently serving our country.  Thank you!

Wishing you all Joyful Moments that don't involve any awful music!


Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

I'm just sitting here giggling about your hubby and his music...tell him that Lady Gaga isn't appropriate for a grown man to listen to! hehehe! But seriously, how is it that the kiddos always decided to just kind of ambush us with growing up??? Standing, talking, and waving in the *SAME* day??? Is he trying to kill you? (c: You can be consoled by the fact that your kiddos are stinkin' adorable...even if their Dad likes to distract you with Lady Gaga...

Sorry, I just couldn't help myself! (c:

Melanie said...

Um....I love you. Enough said.

Meg said...

I love you too. And I hope you feel better soon. How fun would it be to have Wyatt and Trey toddling around at the reunion?!

Linda said...

And I love you - And I can't believe Trey did all that in one day - WOOHOO! Did you fill his babybook?

I had a joyful day with your big brother and his family. Mel taught us how a crickut (sp?) works and helped us each make a cute cute card. Ryan made us amazing butterfinger bars - You'll have to taste them. And each of their kids found a way to work themselves deeper into my heart. It was a very joyful day!