Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 459: Charmed Life

Every now and then I rise so far above the depression that I'm able to see my life for what it is.  And I realize that I really do live a charmed life.  Sometimes that makes me feel guilty, sometimes it makes me nervous because I know trials are sure to follow, but for right now, I'm just totally grateful.

I appreciate all your kind comments and support.  I have been dumbfounded to watch my readership of this blog really blossom over the last couple months.  In all honesty, when I switched the format from a discussion blog, to my daily postings, I expected that I would lose all of my (probably only about 4!) readers due to boredom.  I appreciate the interest that you take in my simple joys.  And more importantly, your support and encouragement.  I love when you share your Joyful Moments as well.  It's nice to share something so positive.

Can you tell that today was a fabulous day?

This morning I decided I would lift weights at the gym briefly, before running errands while Little M was in preschool.  And then several of my friends showed up to lift weights, too.  And it was really fun to have our usual chit chat as we did arm raises, lunges, biceps curls, and then practiced our silly walks.
Excellent.  And I would have liked to have chosen this for my Joyful Moment, but there was more.

I joined those same friends (plus a few more) at a restaurant this evening to celebrate one friend's (brief) break between semesters.  She just completed a ridiculously difficult semester and we've missed her!  So, it was a fantastic Joyful Moment to be able to reconnect with her again.

And I ordered enchiladas.  This is very typical of me, since they are one of my very favorite foods, but this restaurant had a different take on the typical enchilada.  And I liked it!  And you all know how frequently food is a source of Joyful Moments for me!

Later, most of us reconvened at the bowling alley.  I did not bowl because I'm terrible at it and had no desire.  I just went for the conversation.  And one friend's Texas Sheetcake-Turned-Cupcakes.  I'm just being honest.

And that might have been an even joyful-er Joyful Moment.  We had so much fun!  And I discovered that I'm friends with some pretty amazing bowlers!  Our friend who just finished her semester actually started the game off by bowling a Turkey!  (That's three strikes in a row for those of you who didn't grow up with an insanely skillful bowler for a grandpa).

And in between dinner and bowling I was able to (somewhat miraculously) do a couple returns and finally find a pair of shoes to go with my grey pants that I LOVE but can never wear for lack of suitable shoes.

Was this my longest post ever?  Maybe so.  But now you see why I feel that my life is charmed.  There were even more Joyful Moments that I didn't share with you here!  The last one, and one that I must share out of gratitude, was of course, coming home to my kind, considerate HH who made it possible for me to go out and have fun without having to worry about what was going on at home.  He handled all the crises of the evening on his own, had the kids in bed, and the kitchen sparkling by the time I got home.  He definitely puts the majority of the charm in my charmed life.

I have the greatest friends and family EVER!

Wishing you all Joyful Moments that take a novel to share!

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Linda said...

WOW - this could have been a week's worth of joys! Days like this can't happen often enough! So happy for you. You gave me joy watching the silly walk video - I do hope Baby B does NOT watch that in his efforts to learn this skill.

My joy this day is that I'm progressing in my assignments at the temple. Slowly, but surely.