Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 473: Do You Have The Thyme?

Because I do!

Remember this?  Well, I planted those herbs in a pretty pot.  Unfortunately, even Z has been adversely affected by my illness and has been naughty a few times.  Twice she has dug up my sweet little herbs!  I've tried to give her extra attention and I think she's doing a little better.

Mamas should never be allowed to get sick.  Everyone goes crazy.

But I digress.

Tonight I made some magical chicken with gnocchi soup.  Chicken + Garlic + Onions + Soup = Healing Powers.  I'm sure I will wake up cured tomorrow.

But my Joyful Moment tonight was cooking with fresh thyme.  Grown in my herb pot!  That's the first time I've ever used fresh thyme.  I think I should have done a little more.  But still, it was exhilarating.  Yes, exhilarating.  It made me so happy!  I always feel like such a professional chef when I use fresh herbs.  Growing them makes me so happy happy happy!

Wishing you all exhilarating Joyful Moments!


Melanie said...

I'm seriously getting worried about you and this illness. It seems I feel pretty much better after about 48 hours of I need to hitch up my horses to the wagon and head across the plains to bring you some flowers, chocolate, and a get well card that says something along the lines of..."You would have been one of those pioneers who got sick along the way but wouldn't stay in the wagon to get better because she saw some fresh herbs along the trail and thought that would make a really good she got out of the cozy yet uncomfortable wagon....made her own soup and then got back in the wagon...all the time that her sister in law could have been making the soup but because she already made it to the west she was just sitting twittiling her thumbs and wondering why cheryl doesn't live in the west let alone why she's been sick for a good many days...." Wow, I think that's the longest "You would have been one of those pioneers...." I've ever written..and since its after 10..I'm not sure it makes much sense, but this run on sentence needs to end sometime so ....I'm done. Love you. :)

PS Hi Z! Belly scratch from far away!

Laura said...

So, I want to hear about your homemade laundry soap. I had lunch with your mom the other day, and it seems like we have even more things in common as far as greening our lifestyle and taking care of our families. Anyway, let's for sure get together next time you make it out here. Not sure when I'll get over there by you :)

Linda said...

OOOOHHHHH - the soup sounds so good! Did you have strawberry jam and homemade bread with it, since you were out of your wagon anyway?

My joy today was spending the day in the temple. And being grateful for antibiotics when they are needed.