Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 464: Tire Dressing

Before we get to that though, I just have to share:

This is one of the delights from yesterday's post.  Every time I look at it, I kind of scream inwardly.  He is just too cute to handle!

And check this out, same bowl, same wayward foot.  Same precious, beautiful, darling, perfect Baby B.

Okay, before I go demand another baby from HH, we'd better scootch over to tire dressing.  Mostly, because I felt that it would be cheating to have the same Joyful Moment two days in a row.  So, the above was just a little freebie.

You're welcome.

Do you know what tire dressing is?  I didn't.  Not until tonight, anyway.  It makes tires look all shiny and new.  And I have been in possession of a bottle since the car salesman talked HH into buying some crazy car care package when we bought our Sienna last year.

The Sienna has been desperately requesting a wash for some time now.  Tonight, we made it a family affair and acquiesced.  And then I kind of went a little overboard.

I blame HH.  When we bought the car and it was all shiny and new, he turned to me and said, "Alright, now you can go trash it."

Admittedly, I hadn't really taken the best care of my prior car.  The kids and I were always in it, eating and whatnot and it just got messy.  And it seemed like a waste of time to clean it out when we'd just turn around and mess it up again.

But I have this weird thing about me.  If someone challenges me about something, I get really stubborn in resisting.  Just ask my parents.

So, I've done a pretty spectacular job of keeping my car clean.  The interior anyway.  We're talking wiping it down and vacuuming frequently, shampooing the carpets from time to time, conditioning the leather, etc.  The only thing I don't wash is the glass covering the odometer and speedometer stuff because HH wrote me a love note in the dust and I can't bring myself to wash it away.  Slightly pathetic, but true story.

Anyway, tonight I decided it was time to take care of the exterior in like manner.  So, after washing it, I let the kids go ride their scooters while I buffed the paint shield stuff on and then sprayed the tires and rear bumper with the dressing.  Man, my car looks g-o-o-d!!!

And staring at those sweet looking tires was my Joyful Moment.  Slightly pathetic, but true story.

And now that I typed all of that up, I realized that my other Joyful Moment was using the Bosch mixer HH got me for Mother's Day for the first time today.  It was EXCELLENT!!!

And would have made for a much shorter Joyful Moment, but now that I've already typed the rest up I'm going to leave it.  Plus, you'll probably be forever grateful to me for introducing you to tire dressing.

You're welcome.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments that make everything look shiny and new!

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Linda said...

You would make your dad sooooo proud! He also loves a clean car, inside and out. :)

My joyful day was spent with your younger sis and her cute baby boy. We made lots and lots of strawberry freezer jam. And I can't wait to share some with you! (Sorry we forgot on your last trip...)