Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 472: Patience, Patient

I have a problem.

When a doctor orders me to stop exercising for a certain amount of time, I find myself plotting to do all the things I never find the time to because I'm at the gym every morning.  I try to convince myself that these things are restful, but they aren't.

Vacuuming the upstairs of my house (restful because I didn't carry the vacuum up or down the stairs)--not really restful and resulted in a renewed fever and an afternoon in bed.

Baking cinnamon rolls (restful because the recipe requires no kneading)--not really restful and resulted in a messed up recipe and salty cinnamon rolls.

Making a quick trip to Hobby Lobby (restful because it's just driving across town)--not really restful and resulted in a broken glass jar and some unsafe driving.

Making 12 big jars and 3 baby jars worth of strawberry jam (restful because it's simple and quick)--not really restful and resulting in one very tired mama.

But opening my fridge to this beautiful sight (in case you're counting, one jar was open and on the table as a central part of our dinner) was an absolutely Joyful Moment.  However, I'm pooped.  I've never had the pleasure of making freezer (or any other type) of jam before.  I've helped my mom and my grandma slice up strawberries in preparation for the task, but I've never done the whole thing by myself.

I'm proud of myself, but it was definitely more work than I expected.  And just for the record, I WAY prefer Ball No Sugar Needed Fruit Pectin over the SureJell for less or no sugar recipes.  I just do.

Changing topics--do you know what is even better than strep?  Sharing it with Baby B and HH!!!  Okay, not really better.  But I did anyway.  Neither has been officially diagnosed since the throat culture process is SO unpleasant, but they were given antibiotics because I already endured that on behalf of the entire family.  Baby B has an ear infection to justify his and HH apparently has gigantor tonsils.  So, he was banned from the office this morning.  Normally, I'm not a big advocate for antibiotics.  But in the case of Strep throat, I say GO FOR IT!

He still worked quite a bit.  And slept quite a bit.  But somewhere in between all that (and while I was finally putting my feet up after a long day), he took the kids outside to play.  After quite sometime he called me out to join them.  I reluctantly got back on my feet and headed outside.  So glad I did!

I wouldn't have missed this proud Joyful Moment for the world.  HH has wanted to teach her to ride with no training wheels for at least two years.  Someone else in this family hasn't been ready for that yet. Turns out someone else was wrong, because Sweet P was ready and picked up in pretty quickly!  Without tearing any holes in her one pair of good jeans!  And I'm so proud of her on both fronts!!!

Wishing you all Joyful Moments where your good jeans remain intact!


Melanie said...

A Big Congrats from Aunt Mel! We're still tying to teach thing 3...Love you!

Meg said...

WOW! Go Sweet P! I'm so proud. Also, feel better soon!

My joyful moment was wearing my wedding dress again in front of all the women in my ward... ok actually it was maybe my embarrassed moment... but it was still fun to know that I fit in it! :)

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

Awww man! I'm sick right now, too and I'm not doing anything. And I feel good about that (c: hehehe. I'm proud of you for the jam as well!! You go girl! I would've been proud when you were well, but sick and all, SUPER I just need to plan a trip so I can sample some of it...(c: Hope you have a super speedy recovery...if you will quit all of your shenanigans, lady!

gus said...

LOVE the new format... so nice and clean and easy to read!

Proud of all of you, but get feeling better real soon.

Laura said...

Being sick is the worst! We have seriously been sick a ton lately. One thing I found that has worked out pretty well for my little man when he seems to be starting with an ear infection is lavender essential oil. I just put a little drop on the outside of his earlobe a few times a day, and it usually takes care of it. Anyway, beats a quick doctor visit.

Linda said...

I discovered Ball pectin this year too, and love it. Your jars look yummilicious! One of my neighbors tells me she buys raspberries in June for a good price - I've asked her to let me know when - want to come make more freezer jam with me?

My joy was sewing the curtain panels for the french doors in the basement while I listened to more of Women's Conference.