Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 461: To Market, To Market

To buy a fat pig,
Home Again, Home again
Jiggety Jig!

You know you love that song.

We bought more than expected at the (Farmer's) Market this morning--but no pig.  Thank goodness!

This was our bounty.  Oh!  I just realized I forgot to include the purple asparagus in the picture.  Sad!  It's very thick and completely purple.  I'm super excited to try it.  And it came from our CSA membership!  We also got those three herbs (which are now planted in a cute pot on the patio) from the CSA.  Our CSA is a little different, we get to pick and choose what and how much we want each week and then the deduct from our prepaid account accordingly.  HH was a little hesitant about it this morning, so we didn't get very much.

We also got 12 pounds of honey!  Because it goes in the bread that I make, so we don't have to eat store bought.  Which means we go through honey pretty rapidly.  The vendor saw the kids eying those cute little baby honey bears and kindly gave each of them one (because he was so enthused that I had just bought that HUGE jug of it).

And the final little package is a fungus foot soak.  It's a gift.  But since foot fungus is kind of personal, I won't tell you who it's for.  I don't think he reads this blog, so it shouldn't spoil the excellent surprise.  (For anyone wondering--HH does read this blog, so it isn't for him).

Anyway, the whole morning hanging out with the family at the Farmer's Market (and rocking out to Alabama's "Born Country" on the way home) was a fun filled Joyful Moment.

Later, we finished off the day by attending the temple with some of our friends.  ALWAYS a Joyful Moment!

Wishing you all Joyful Moments full of jiggety jig jigs!


Meg said...

I just watched the silly walk video and I really wish I could have been there at the gym to watch you all practice.

My joyful moment today was breakfast in bed- 5 crepes, all with different fillings: banana, strawberry, blueberry, pineapple, and mango! Delish!

Linda said...

My joyful day was spent with your grandparents, Aunt Kathy, and Uncle Don. It was a treat!