Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 485: StackerMallows

So, you know how I'm sorta always talking about my awesome friends?  Well, one of them has the audacity to be moving away in a couple months.


And, get this, she's going on vacation for a month or so between now and then.

Double Boo.

So, we had a little "farewell" party tonight.  Roasting s'mores and chatting 'round the fire.  And laughing.  Lots and lots of laughing.  And a friend might have "accidentally" flung some coals on me and almost burned my foot--or worse--a hole in my jeans!

Good thing "almost" only counts in horseshoes, hand grenades, and one other thing that I can't think of right now.

One friend brought those Jet Puffed StackerMallows.  I love s'mores, so I've been super excited to try them.    But when it got down to it, I realized that the round marshmallows are bigger.  I don't really like marshmallows until they're roasted--and then I LOOOOOOVE them.  So, I could bring myself to try even one of those skinny StackerMallows.  It was a big ol' round one for me every time.  Not that I ate more than I should have, or anything...

Anyway, it was all kind of Joyful Moments.  And I'm coping with her leaving the same way I always cope with good byes--DENIAL.

That's the way I roll.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments enhanced by the use of Denial!

p.s.  I had so much fun, I forgot to break out the camera!

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Linda said...

This was a lllloooonnnngggg day in the car, 13 hours to be exact. The sad news is we had to say goodbye to 7 of the people we love beyond description. The joyful news is all the memories we made and the hope of being together again in 55 days (who's counting?) The other joyful news was spending those 13 hours with 3 other people who I love to pieces, one of whom had to be strapped in a carseat most of the time. He was a trooper! I should post photos of him peaking out from under the blanket when he was pretending to be sleeping. :) And the final joy was getting home and being welcomed by the one I love the most in the whole wide world.