Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 486: Third Child

Today I was cranky and crabby and kind of short with everyone I met.  It was just like there was this fog inside my head that was causing so much confusion, I couldn't get past it to be nice.

Does that make sense?

No?  Good.  At least we're all in the same boat for a moment.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure tomorrow will be better.  And I've finally decided to go see a doctor.  Hopefully, that will provide some answers and then you won't have to read through my whining any more.

But thanks for sticking around in the meantime.

Anyway, Baby B seems to be a little behind schedule on just about everything.  Not anything we're concerned about, he's just not one of those early achievers.  When people ask me if he's doing certain things yet, like walking, I find myself constantly laughing it off with, "Well, he's a third child."

The same explanation is given to why he's only wearing one sock, or why he's got food on his face, or why he's so laid back, or why he has no baby book, or pretty much anything and everything.

And this:

I walked into the kitchen tonight to find him this way.  All by himself.  I don't know how he got his cereal bowl and his spoon down from the table, but he was quite content feeding himself the remaining portion.

What can I say?  He's a third child.

It made me laugh out loud.  Which I really needed today.  Is anybody keeping track of how many Joyful Moments this tiny man has provided me?  Thank goodness for my third child!

Wishing you all Joyful Moments even if you've got food on your face and only one sock on your feet!


Laura said...

He is such a cutie! I hope you get things figured out soon. Prayers for you.

Thanks for the Farmers Market idea. That's a great place to start. They usually don't open up around here until later it seems. I'll have to check it out.

Linda said...

I love his cute pose! It reminds me of one when we found our #3 child with a huge grin, sitting on the table surrounded by the contents of a Cheerios box. He was quite a laidback baby too, and it seems to have been a plus.

My joyful day was spent mostly on the phone sharing with many of the people I love.

trish said...

i sooo love this post! yes, children are the ones who brighten our cloudy day. sometimes when i feel so down and lonely, i'll just watch my kids play and laugh and then all the sorrow is gone! :)