Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 490: Continuation

You can probably guess--today's Joyful Moment was continuing to celebrate HH.

This is the same peach pie he has requested for every birthday I've known him for.  It's his mama's recipe.  He gave me a copy when we were engaged and I've made it every year since.  It's a fresh peach pie, so it's pretty easy.  And it tastes yummy too, so I don't complain about the annual request.

This was the actual big day, so there were lots of Joyful Moments in all of the official celebration, especially opening gifts and singing and all the whoop de doo.

But, if this were any other day, my Joyful Moment would have been finding his scriptures.  They've been missing for over a month.  We thought we'd looked everywhere at the church (and were kind of disappointed at the prospect of someone having stolen scriptures at church!)  They're the scriptures he used while on his mission to Russia, so they really mean a lot to him.  I found them in a box in the library today. I was so excited I could have danced a jig!  And it was a major Joyful Moment for me--especially when I showed him my fabulous discovery!

Anyway, Happy Birthday to my amazing HH.  You make my world Joyful.  I love you.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments full of whoop de doo!


Linda said...

I had a joyful time helping celebrate your nephew's FIRST birthday. He was a lot of fun and your little sis and her HH hosted a great celebration.

Meg said...

same as Mom! :) It was definitely full of whoop de doo!

And I'm happy you found the scriptures-hooray!