Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 489: Birthweekend!

In my family, it always seems that for one reason or another, we can't simply celebrate one's birth on the day only.  It stretches out for at least 3 days, sometimes a whole week.  This is excellent for someone like me who *adores* all of the birthday attention and fun.  HH is not quite as self-centered and doesn't get all hyped up about his birthday.

But he's learning the way I do things.

So, I informed him that this would be his birthday weekend and he would be the boss and the king.

And I would get a billion Joyful Moments out of trying to spoil him for a change.

Breakfast in bed.  With his specialty of sliced bananas and strawberries.  And two cute kiddos.  (The other one was cute, but smelly so he didn't make it into the picture).

Then we had a crazy morning and somewhat disappointing afternoon--we missed Sweet P's first t-ball game.  Sad sad sad sad sad.  For a number of reasons, but mostly because my brain isn't working right now.  And it makes me want to cry that we missed it, so I'm going to move on to Joyful Moments.

HH has been promising to take me golfing since we were dating.  For his birthweekend, he finally decided to make good on it.

Sporting his new birthday golf shoes!  He looks really HOT when he golfs.  Joyful Moment for me.

We didn't intend to match.  It just happens when you're so in sync as we are.  This was my first time golfing--ever.  I thought I would be terrible.  Turns out, I'm decent.  I mean, not great by any means.  But I did alright.  And it also turns out that I like golfing.  It was actually a Joyful Moment for me.  And not just because I was with my sweetheart.

And some good friends joined us as well.  Afterward, we went out to a pizza place we'd never tried.  Yum!  And brought home leftovers--Joyful Moments for tomorrow!

ALL of our babysitters (we're talking, almost 10 different girls) are out of town, or working at real jobs this weekend.  Fortunately, we have great friends who volunteered to take our crazy kiddos, so we could still go out on the town.  The husband was in charge of the babies for a bit, and Baby B ended up going to bed just like this.  So cute!  Total Joyful Moment watching my cutie pie baby sleep in a pillow shrine.

Let the BirthWeekend Joyful Moments continue!!!

Wishing you all Joyful Moments that take at least a weekend to celebrate!


Melanie said...

Happy Birthday HH (and yes, I feel kind of funny calling you that since I know your name...but to continue the code names cheryl has given to you...I will say please don't feel weird...I don't mean a thing by it...)! If we were more organized on Sunday we would have been able to call you..but as it is almost 11pm your time I guess we shouldn't bug you...but just wanted to let you know that we appreciate you, love ya, and are excited to see you at he KFR. Hope it was a great one!

Linda said...

Yes, Happy Happy Birthday! We're happy to be related :) Who made the CUTE CUTE shirt for your HH?

I spent the afternoon and evening with my youngest sis and her HH getting ideas from the Parade of Homes. That was a lot more fun than missinf my HH who just left on a business trip.

Cheryl said...

Sweet P made that '32'. She also wrote a story titled, "The Boy Who Was 32". Very cute!