Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 507: Ninety-Nine Red Balloons

Today I had several significant Joyful Moment.  For the second time in a week, I learned that someone close to me is having a baby!  I'm so happy for both of you!  This news is always a mega-Joyful Moment, of course.

And the other two significant Joyful Moments involved something round and red.

The first was our very first ripe tomato!!!!  It was a little baby cherry tomato.  We cut it in thirds.  HH wasn't home and there are a bunch more about to be ripe, so I figured he'd forgive us (actually, I just kind of got carried away in the heat of the moment and forgot him, but he'll understand).  It was soooooooooooooooooooooooo yummy!  Little bite, Big Joyful Moment!

And watching Baby B play in sheer rapture and delight with his older siblings' balloons was my other Joyful Moment.

Please don't take your balloon back, Big Brother!

Little M was kind of reluctant to share, since he was convince Baby B wanted to pop it.  I tried to explain that he didn't even know a balloon was capable of popping.

He was just in awe of its magical floating abilities.  And it was a Joyful Moment watching his joy and awe.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments with magical floating abilities!


Amy said...

my kids read that there was a tornado in Nebraska-we all sighed in relief to find out it wasn't near you!
Hope today goes well for you in preparation for tomorrow.
My JM yesterday was making a ton of progress on the dress I'm making for Emalyn. Yay!

Melanie said...

Someone went to kids night at applebees! :) My kids love that too.

Linda said...

My JM was suddenly realizing that Meg could borrow my car and take Belky & the girls home with her so instead of being all alone at our home tomorrow, they'll spend it with M & W. YEA!!!