Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 488: What The CSA Has Done To Dinner

It's exciting!

But first, a little catch up from last night:

We practiced some t-ball again this evening.  Not quite as Joyful as yesterday--we were all tired.  But, I got some cute pics anyway.

I made this!  Pulling it out of the oven and seeing how pretty it turned out was my Joyful Moment tonight.  It's an Asparagus and Tomato Quiche.  That's CSA asparagus.  Last night we had Creamy Thai Peanut Noodles With Radishes (from our CSA).  Long name, delicious dish.  And the night before we had Chicken and Mango Salad, featuring CSA salad greens.

I think most household chefs I know would agree that deciding what to make for dinner is usually the hardest part.  Now, I just google recipes containing my tasty, healthy, freshly picked (when ripe!), in season veggies.  There's my menu.  And it's all centered around vegetables, too.  It's been a source of Joyful Moments all week long.  I'm so excited for all the possibilities as the season develops and more items are available.

I'm in love.

And for my constant source of Joyful Moments, here's a pic of my cutie patootie.  He climbed all the way up the slide to stand there while the kids and I were practicing t-ball.  And he was SO proud of himself.  Darling.

Wishing you all vegetable-centered Joyful Moments!


gus said...

It sounds as though you are beginning to understand the sheer JOY of having all them wonderful, fresh, local veggies to cook and eat. The only tough part is making it through the winter months without the CSA.

LOVE the quiche.... it looks so yummy and artistic to boot.

Linda said...

Ditto Gus' comments about the quiche.

My joyful moments were talking to you; it's been too long. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. love you!