Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 498: Not Ready

Today was crazy.  Not bad.  Just insane.

But still plenty of Joyful Moments (thank goodness!) to be had.

The Joyful Moment that should be the Featured Moment isn't quite ready to be unveiled, though.  It's kind of huge.  Just a seed of a moment, really.

I just read the last two sentences and realized that they make no sense back-to-back.

My brain is awesome.

What I mean is, today I decided I want to do something.  Something really huge.  Exciting, yet terrifying for the commit-o-phobe in me.  I'm beginning to formulate a plan for how to accomplish it, but it's still in the works.

So, although it was definitely today's big Joyful Moment, I'm not going to share it here.

I just going to take five minutes to explain why I'm not telling you.

We're cool, right?

Anyway, so my other Joyful Moment was watching Baby B eat a homemade cheese and garlic biscuit.  His little personality is coming out more and more all the time.  I'd just gotten home from violin lessons and a crazy grocery trip with the older two.  I was giving him the biscuit so he could sit happily and eat it while I cleaned the kitchen, but then I couldn't put him down.

It was just so fun watching him study and analyze his biscuit and make his crazy little sounds at it.  He makes these forceful, short little exclamations these days.  Along the lines of, "Enh!", "Boh!", "Mom!", "Aah!", and the like.  And every now and then, his exclamation would get a little overly enthusiastic and his lips would touch the biscuit and then he'd lick the crumbs off his lips and get a pensive look on his face.

All over a whole wheat garlic cheese biscuit.

Silly and adorable.  And an instant Joyful Moment.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments with a side order of garlic, cheesy goodness!

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Linda said...

I can't WAIT to see all this in person.

I had a joyful day, mainly because I started the day the way that works best for me, doing the things that are highest priority to me. Then everything else just fell into place. I didn't come close to checking off everything on me "to do" list, but I did the things that matter most and I enjoyed my day. Last activity was Family Home Evening which was working in the yard with my HH this week, and being grateful he's home.