Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 505: Eye Of The Storm

We've got some Severe Thunderstorm Warnings going on right now.  I'm not all that worried.  Actually, the warnings have probably expired because the storm has really died down in its intensity.

The storm doth protest--I just heard a loud thunder clap as I typed this.

But a couple of hours ago, we happened to be outside as the clouds rolled in.  It was an amazing sight.  These huge, black clouds just came in so fast.  It was a little bit freaky, but mostly really beautiful.  I've always had a thing for thunderstorms.  I love them, really.

So, watching those clouds come tearing across the sky and literally seeing the storm descend upon us was today's Joyful Moment.  I thought about going in for the camera, but the clouds were moving so fast, I didn't want to miss it.  Plus, I knew my camera wouldn't do them justice.  So, I just took a mental picture.  Sorry you can't all enjoy it!

Wishing you all wild and stormy (in a good way!) Joyful Moments!


gus said...

Just one more thing you and I have in common. I love storms, too. Back when we lived in Cedar Valley we could look out across the desert and watch the sheet lightning. Oh! it was sooo much fun.

Linda said...

My day was full of joy - The first day with Belky & the girls - we took it easy, but enjoyed being together.

Linda said...

I think I lost my comment - anyway - a joyful day - Belky & the girls' first day here - took it easy and loved being together - they loved not being in an airplane.