Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 511: What's In Your Wallet?

Actually, this post is about my purse.  But I like to stick to songs, slogans, and catch phrases for my titles whenever possible.

So, today was rough.  Poor Sweet P was in a ton of pain for the majority of it.  Around early afternoon we finally got on top of it and she started enjoying herself again.  But before that was just awful.

So, HH and I tag-teamed it all day.  We both have obligations at church, fortunately at different times.  So Little M and I went to the first half (poor Little M missed his siblings SO MUCH during Sacrament Meeting--until he discovered that he could have all kind of fun contorting my face into all kinds of crazy positions), then I came home and HH went to his part.  Then he came home and I went back for another meeting after church for those of us who teach the children in Primary (kind of like Sunday School for children ages 4-11).

And my Joyful Moment was taking my non-mommy purse to that meeting.  It had a total of, I think, three things in it.  It was so quick.  So simple.  So light.

And it made me happy.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments that are quick, simple, and light--or at least, two out of the three!


Amy said...

glad to hear you're doing ok. My JM was my sweet Emalyn today-going to choir practice with her, performing with the choir with her, and teaching her primary class. She LOVED having me do all of those things with just her. Oh, I want these days to never end.

Meg said...

Mine was having Carrie come to visit!!!! :)

Sorry about Sweet P. I hope she feels better soon. We'll keep her in our prayers. Tell her we love her!

Linda said...

My joyful day was suddenly having family in our home for dinner - 2 of your cousins and your aunt and new uncle - so much fun!