Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 786: Too Tall

Sweet P's Primary teachers at church seem bound and determined to spoil her (and the rest of the class) silly this year with fun and love.

This morning they celebrated the last several weeks of good behavior by going to a local play center (same one Little M went to for the recent birthday party, oddly enough).  Unfortunately, Sweet P was too tall to play in the main area, but was still able to have a great time in the other areas.

It was a new experience for her.  Usually, her height is a boon allowing her to do things and go places other kids her age are too short to go.

So, she was a little sad.  Or, so she said.

I stayed to let the boys play, too, and she looked to me like she was having plenty of fun.

HH had a basketball game, so I was on my own and suffering from a bit of morning sickness.  Fortunately, there were still Joyful Moments to be had in watching my kiddos have such a great time together.

I started snapping photos, only to discover that I'd forgotten to take it off of the black and white setting.  I snapped a few more in getting all of the settings back to where I wanted, then got Little M in a super cute pose... and the battery died.

So, this was pretty much the only decent photo I got of the fun morning.

I've got to pay more attention to my battery life.  I'm just grateful that it happened here and not on some super significant occasion!

This afternoon, we went on a crazy marathon shopping trip.  Mostly, in search of new shoes for HH and piggy banks for the kids (random story behind that one).  We bought plenty of stuff, but none of those.

Still, it was a lot of fun spending time together as a family.

Except that poor Baby B has taken a turn for the worse and seems to be quite sick tonight.  I loaded him up on essential oils--lemon on his throat for his cough, lavender and malaleuca on his ears for potential ear infections, a drop of On Guard (immunity blend) on his tongue (to which he said, "Ow."  It's a little spicy!), and Breathe (respiratory blend) in the humidifier.

It was quite the blend of smells.  But he was able to stop coughing and settle down for sleep pretty quickly.  So, here's hoping!

Wishing you all Joyful Moments in being with the ones you love!


Linda said...

Our JM's today were focused on Natalie's baptism. It was wonderful to be a part of such a special occasion. And she had asked me to speak on the gift of the Holy Ghost, which was an honor. She was beautiful - You'll have to see photos of her in her dress.

We had some JM's going to Ace Hardware stores and picking up free quarts of paint for them in the morning... :)

Cheryl said...

I can't wait to see pictures!!! And I wish I could have heard your talk.