Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day 800: Early Easter Surprise

We did some seriously long overdue yard work today.

Mainly HH.

I tried to help out by getting the garden weed free, but I tired out with about a square foot to go.  I was seriously just that tired.

HH on the other hand exhibited superhuman endurance yesterday.  He played two basketball games in the morning (thus, winning the church ball tournament-Go HH!) and then came home and promptly set to work digging up the crabgrass in our yard.

I really can't tell you just how much crabgrass we had in our yard.

But when he turned over one of the bigger patches, some crazy squealing/squeaking ensued.  And not just from HH.

At first, he thought it was mice.  I couldn't see and thought he'd found some obnoxious chew toy.

But it was this.  We counted at least 10 of them.  So stinking adorable.  The kids had a difficult time not touching them, but were really pretty good.  It was a Joyful Moment.  How can anything that fluffy and tiny not bring joy?

And it brought back a flood of memories from the bunnies we raised growing up.  One time the mama bunny kicked the babies out and we tried to hand feed them.  It didn't end in success, but taught me a lot about responsibility and life.

I was worried were going to have to attempt something similar here, now that we'd unwittingly messed the nest, but a quick phone call to an expert assured us that they should be alright.  The mom will either repair the nest, or move them.

We're hoping for the latter.  There are a lot of young kids in our neighborhood and I'm not sure how long Sweet P and Little M will be able to keep this secret from their friends.

Plus, the garden (soon to be planted) is not very far away.  I would like the bunnies and my garden to survive.  Best accomplished if they are far apart.

Wishing you all fluffy, tiny, adorable Joyful Moments!

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