Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 789: Take That Groundhog!

Today was perfect.

Mostly, I'm talking about the weather.  We had a gorgeous day in the 70's.  We had a picnic in the park with many of our friends.  Which meant lots of play time for the kids and some adult chatter for me during the few bits where I didn't have to be chasing down Baby B to save him from imminent danger.

It also meant I got to wear some shorts.  No maternity of fat pants.  All of which are driving me insane.  I can't stand them!  And normally, I LOVE pants!

Watching all three of my sweeties play and have a great time was definitely a Joyful Moment.  Baby B finally overcame a bit of caution and had a blast going down the slide over and over.

(To my friend related to the ground hog (c:--Do you recognize the shirt?  I'm responsible for dressing him in it today, but then Sweet P and Little M donned theirs as well.  So cute!  I tried to get a picture of the three of them, but they were never in the same spot long enough!  But they looked darling.)

The rest of the day went pretty well, too.  I was able to get some cleaning done and then read for a while while Baby B napped and the other two played quite happily together.  So great!

I think being out in the sun was particularly beneficial.  I'm feeling better today than I have in a long time.  Definitely a Joyful Moment.

And finally, Little M was able to feel Darling A kick tonight.  Sweet P felt her on Sunday.  Seeing the surprise and joy on their faces was a Joyful Moment for me both times.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments and a bit of glorious sunshine for your soul!


Linda said...

I loved having my kids feel those kicks. Tender moments.

My JM today - a phone call from my HH who's in Orlando for a few days.

Meg said...

My JM yesterday was also playing outside at the park! How fun!

Cheryl said...

Mom--Yeah, it's a pretty special thing.

Meg--I just wish it was the same park!