Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 806: More Little Hands

This morning I got mixed up about what day it was.  HH worked from home, which never ever happens, and it totally threw me off.

You may not follow, but that led to me having a bunch of extra time while waiting for Little M to be done with preschool.

Naturally, Baby B and I decided to walk over to the library (pretty darn close to our gym).  Being Child #3, Baby B rarely gets alone time with me.  And being the child of a Type A mom, he rarely gets time with me that isn't rushed.

But this morning, he got both.

And it was so seriously wonderful.  We held hands and walked slowly over to the library.  Stopping to get down and look at any bugs we encountered along the way.  We found a fly and instead of being incredibly nasty (as flies truly are) it was magical.  It was a bug that could fly!  Simply amazing in the eyes of a two-year old.

But the best part was that this child who normally fights to hold my hand when we cross the street (the only time I insist that he must), voluntarily reached his chubby little hand up and said, "Wan hodju hand."


(For those needing a translation:  I want to hold your hand.)

It was seriously one of the best times I've had in a long time.  I knew I'd be posting about it tonight.  And I know I never want to forget about this morning ever.

It was a wonderful Joyful Moment.

But, the day didn't end there.

I found out that Baby B had gotten confused and now thinks that all birds are called ducks.  So, naturally, we had to correct this.

You may not follow, but that led to a picnic and bike ride in the park.  After feeding the ducks.

Aren't those pudgy hands adorable?  Mo!  Mo!

These geese are obviously quite used to being fed.  The kids couldn't believe how close they got.  One even hit Baby B with his wings.

They all had so much fun feeding the geese and ducks.  It was a Joyful Moment for all.

But then Little M and HH did this.

And it was a pretty triumphant Joyful Moment for us all.

Until he wiped out royally.

But I was able to coax him back on the bike and he did even better.  I'm so proud of my Little M!  (And grateful to an HH who teaches him these things about seven years before I would have felt ready to).

Wishing you all Joyful Moments that are triumphant!

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