Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 804: Honey? Doo?

Well, fortunately, my mood has been improving.

Which is especially good because, unfortunately, my health has been deteriorating.  I finally made it back to the chiropractor tonight and he chastened me a bit for not coming in sooner, like he'd told me to.

Remember my somewhat miraculous recovery after last week's fall?  Not so much any more.  I missed a day of yoga and then, like I said, was delayed in my chiro visit.  And everything began tightening up (and hurting) all over again.

It would appear that my fall pinched some nerves, or something because suddenly, I have no muscle strength or energy either.

Okay.  Done with the whining.

So, besides feeling physically miserable today, it wasn't an all bad day.

But I think my favorite Joyful Moment was watching Baby B eat honey dew.

In my opinion, honey dew is a tricky fruit.  If you get a good one, it is absolutely delicious.  But, more often than not, they are unripe and flavorless.  I would blame this on the fact that I know very little about picking a good one, but I've experienced this all over from potlucks to restaurant fruit salads.

So, I rarely buy them.

But Little M requested that "green fruit, that's like cantaloupe" last week.  And then they were on sell.  So, I did my best to at least pick a heavy one and wish myself luck.

And I done good.

It was a super yummy one.  The first Baby B has ever had (I think).  And he was hooked.  He kept asking for more and finally, I told him it was called honey dew.

Honey?  Doooo?

It was seriously so cute how he repeated it back.

It's really too bad you don't all get a daily dose of my precious little one.  I wish you could.  Joyful Moment Source Extraordinaire.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments that are juicy and sweet!

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