Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 10: The Tiniest of Moments

So, at my most recent check up my doctor asked if I fee the baby move a lot. I told her that I notice movement, but not as much as with the other two. Then I added that I'm sure that is because I have the other two to keep me busy and preoccupied now. And I thought we'd leave it at that. I wasn't telling her any of this because I was concerned, I was just answering her question. I am positive my baby is more active than I realize and the fact that I do feel him move occasionally, despite our busy life reassures me completely.

But my doctor wasn't completely reassured. She wants me to be checking for five movements every hour. Seriously?

So, today I decided to be more attentive to this little one growing inside me. And that is where today's Joyful Moment came. It was actually several Joyful Moments. Little tiny moments. I don't know if he was way more active today, or if it was simply that I was trying to paying more attention. But I felt him a lot. And there's something about it that's just cute. I don't know how else to describe it. Just these little tiny bumps and taps from little tiny feet and fists.

And then another Joyful Moment came when I got to share that fun with Sweet P and Little M at dinner. He started really rolling around in there so they could see the movement just by looking at my tummy. That was pretty amazing to both of them. And then, of course, they wanted to feel him moving too. He almost always stops moving around as soon as they put their hands on my belly, but tonight he kept up the acrobatics. And they LOVED it.

Wishing you all tiny, yet profound Joyful Moments!


Meg said...

I can't wait for that! I've only felt him a few times so far- Weston keeps wanting to know what it's like and the best description I have is that it's like a little fish is flapping inside. :)

My joyful moment today is that I finally get to have a few hours with my Weston just to be with him and not do anything important except love each other.

Linda said...

I love the joy you shared today. I remember that feeling, quite unique. And profound like you said.

My joyful moment was walking on a bridge across the Hudson River with my sweetheart. We wanted to do something outside in spite of the fact that it was freezing and windy, and this is what he picked. The joy came in enjoying it with him, really enjoying it, in spite of the weather and the wind. I really enjoyed it! And I hope it's a whole lot warmer the next time we try it.