Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 11: Maybe Not My Best Friend

So, I'd like to say that HH commandeering my computer when I sat down to post this and instead looking for a way to watch the Super Bowl online (we don't get TV) was my Joyful Moment.

But it wasn't.

The Moment I'd like to share from today is actually from my dog. She's a sweet little mutt we rescued from the shelter. Except she's not really little. And she just keeps on getting bigger. But she is sweet. And she doesn't get near the amount of attention she needs and thinks she deserves.

So, I try. Today while everyone else was napping, I sat down and just rubbed her belly for a while. She loves this. I don't really, but watching how happy it made her still brought me joy. It's amazing how making someone else happy--even if that someone else is a dog--is such a surefire way to create joy in life.

So, here's wishing you all service-related Joyful Moments!


Linda said...

My joy today is from fasting. I've never understood why the scriptures call fasting rejoicing until right this moment. Because it's something we can do to find answers to some of the big questions which are hanging over us. Today's fast has empowered me and given me an opportunity to make a difference.

gus said...

My joyful moment was seeing the daffies popping up and the flowering cherry trees beginning to bloom. Spring appears to be springing here! It can't be too much longer before it arrives at the North Pole!

Melanie said...

My Joy was spending the day with my hubby and my two little boys. It was fun, and I didn't even stress about the undone house work.