Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 26: Pending

So, just a quick qualifier about yesterday's post--the reason those Joyful Moments were sub par is due to pregnancy hormones. It had absolutely nothing to do with the actual moments themselves. They should have been great.

Thankfully, today was much better. Thanks for supporting me through this journey.

And today's post might be cheating a little bit. Because today's Joyful Moment hasn't happened yet. HH is really busy with his assignment in our church and some other things, so he is gone most evenings. Tonight is the one evening we will both be home together this week. So, my Joyful Moment is going to start as soon as I hit "publish post" and he and I get to spend a few minutes together without the kids before going to bed. I'm so grateful we get this time!

That's not that I haven't had plenty of other Joyful Moments today. This is just the one I wanted to share.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments to anticipate and look forward to!


Melanie said...

Joy in knowing there is a comfortable pillow waiting me my exhausted head to fall on...

Becky said...

I was going to say that my joyful moment for the day was going in to clean the bathroom sink and discovering it was still shiny from the week before, but that moment was upstaged later in the day by the "WhooHoo!" that erupted when someone opened their ACT exam results.

Linda said...

My joy came from completing the family history assignment that I started a couple of days ago, even though it's not really complete. I discovered that a number of Roger's ancestors' ordinances have already been done, but some have not. And I found an additional 20 males, 11 females, and 6 couples who are ready.