Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 7: Tough Choice

Well, today was a pretty good day. If I'm being totally honest. And I am.

So, there were a lot of moments to choose from. But I think my favorite was chatting with my mom for a bit while making dinner (a joy in itself--shrimp fondue, homemade French bread, and Alfredo pasta, and veggies, of course!). I just love talking to my mom. We never run out of things to say and even on a great day like today, I just feel better when we say 'good bye'. Not because we're saying 'good bye', but because she's just that kind of person. That's why everyone loves her.

She's been the source of many of my Joyful Moments. Thanks for being my Joyful Moment again today, Mom. I love you.


Amy said...

I agree!

Melanie said...

Me too. She's been given a talent for being such a great friend, mother, and confidant. I am so grateful for her.

Linda said...

Well, after reading what you wrote and the comments added I have to say "You made my day!" I enjoyed our conversation every bit as much, and am grateful to have been blessed with daughters and daughters-in-law who are my choicest friends.