Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 9: Cutie Pies

Today provided a plethora of Joyful Moments, pretty much all due to my sweet little children.

We were snowed in and I didn't sleep well, so I was worried it would be a really bad day. Fortunately, it wasn't.

I had a Joyful Moment watching them play in the snow together--all the more joyful because they can play in our backyard and I don't have to go out with them. I try to be a good mom, but I HATE the cold. Plus, I'm not sure my snow coat would zip over my belly any more.

I had several Joyful Moments making donuts with my kids and revisiting memories of doing the same thing with my mother and siblings.

And I also had several Joyful Moments listening to their excitement for their "dates" tonight. Our gym was hosting a "Daddy Daughter Dance" tonight for HH and Sweet P, so Little M and I decided to have a date night of our own. He wanted to eat donuts and watch a movie. That's why we made the donuts.

Both kids were SO excited all day and it was so much fun for me to listen to. Then I got to help Sweet P get ready for her big date and see how thrilled she was at the prospect. Little M and I had a great time enjoying our donuts and snuggling during 1 1/2 movies (the first was a very short one about fire trucks--his current obsession). He was so pleased that I was sitting right there beside him to watch. He kept talking about it all through the movies. Very Joyful for me.

And then I got to hear all about Sweet P's night out with Daddy when they got home about 30 minutes ago. She was just beaming about the whole event--especially the rose she got. And the fact that everyone kept telling her how beautiful she looked.

And so, the day that had great potential for being perfectly awful turned out perfectly perfect. Wishing you all a perfectly perfect day. Or at least a perfectly perfect Joyful Moment. And some sleep for Yours Truly. I'm exhausted!


Melanie said...

I, too, had a great day. My Joy came when I got to be the room mother for Kindergarten today and be with my little one and watch her excitement for each new thing at school. She told me that she loved having me there. I loved it too.

Linda said...

My joy today was sharing - sharing recipes and conversation on the phone, sharing dinner with a new mom, sharing cornbread and conversation with friends at our "Hearts Afire" Valentines activity at church, sharing the duties of cleaning the building afterward with my sweetheart, and sharing a good book on CD on our ride home. Sharing makes any moment more enjoyable.