Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 8: Time Out

For love, that is.

But first, I can't believe I didn't realize last night that that post marked the one week point for me. Wow. Seriously, I cannot believe the difference this challenge has made in my life in such a short time. I went from not being able to find a single Joyful Moment in an entire day of my life to having a difficult time choosing which moment to share.

If you haven't already jumped on the daily Joyful Moment bandwagon, I highly recommend it.

Anyway, back to today's Joyful Moment and my time out for love.

I was planning on sharing a moment that happened while talking to a stranger at the gym this morning, but then I had a Moment that trumped that one as I was putting dinner away tonight.

From the moment HH walks in the door in the evenings he's always trying to hug me and snuggle me, or engage in some sort of physical interaction. I pretty much always give him the brush off. I'm usually in the middle of getting dinner on the table. Then we go straight to dinner, then clean up, then get the kids ready for bed and in bed, and then I might be ready for a hug, or whatever.

I'm not trying to be inconsiderate of him, I just have a go go go mentality and his touches interrupt my momentum.

So, tonight I was putting dinner away and he was helping, but then he came up and tried to hug me. Initially, I shrugged him off. But because this Joyful Moment plan is helping me to live in the moment a lot more (more better, as Little M would put it), I thought better of it. I set the Tupperware down, turned around, and engaged him in a nice, long, passionate kiss.

Definitely a Joyful Moment. And it was fun!

I just might have to give into his advances more often.

So here's wishing you all a reckless moment of joyful fun today.


Melanie said... know where that might lead...oh wait, never mind...he, heh.

So my Joyous moment came when I picked up my two year old and he wrapped his arms around me and gave me a sweet pat on the back...and then he breathed deeply and relaxed. So sweet.

Meg said...


Amy said...

wow..some pretty hot and heavy stuff (as Mom would say it)! Your method at obtaining this joyful life is very inspiring. Love you!

Nikki said...

what a great moment, Cheryl! It's good to get a reminder to live in the moment. I feel joyful for weekends.

Linda said...

I chuckled (and blushed :o) as I read your post today. Thanks for sharing it.

My joy today was talking via skype to my daughter-in-law and kids. With our webcams we look at each other even though they're in NW Idaho and we're in NY. It was more than wonderful.