Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 28: Wake Up

Tonight Sweet P participated in a study being done at the local university about how children learn to follow directions.

That meant that she and I drove down together, just the two of us. Then I got to observe while she played the study "games" and interacted with the student conducting it.

Every now and then I have a moment with one of my children where I realize that they've grown up a bit since the last time I thought about it. It just really hits me hard. And tonight was one of those nights. As I observed her, I tried to imagine what the girl conducting the study would be thinking of her, not really knowing her.

And I realized there's really nothing "baby-ish" about her any more. She is growing up.

That was not my Joyful Moment.

But it did make me realize that there are more things we could be discussing (and it definitely helped not having the chatter of our dear Little M) when it was just the two of us on the way home. I started the conversation and then she took off with it asking all sorts of questions about all sorts of things. And I gave her real, complete answers because I realized she could understand them.

So, it was kind of bittersweet Joyful Moment. It's truly awesome watching her grow and develop. And it's neat to be able to have more "adult" conversation with her.

But I do miss those sweet cheeks.

And the pigtails.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments found in new and exciting realizations!


Nikki said...

Awe, Cheryl, that is a sweet and joyful moment.

Your little girl sounds like a really wonderful person. I imagine that your entire life you'll have different moments where you will feel astonished by her maturity.

Linda said...

One of my favorite photos of her!

So many times when I look at photos or videos of my kids when they were younger and remember those good times I miss those little kiddos. At the same time I see who they are today and am so very very grateful. Good thing we have the photos and videos so those little ones are still with us in our memories.

I felt joy yesterday when 2 neighbors volunteered to clear my driveway and the road in front of it because Roger is out-of-town this week. Aren't people wonderful?!