Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 27: Friends & Favors

HH and I have been trying to go to the temple (click on the link for more information about temples) since early December. And something has come up to conflict in a big way each and every time.

So, this morning when the girl who was supposed to watch our kids for us called to say her son had a fever--I wasn't really surprised.

But I was really disappointed. Then I called the wife of the other couple we were going with to find out what they wanted to do and to make a long story short, it turns out it wasn't a good night for them to go anyway but she happily volunteered to watch our children so we could still go.

I had a bit of a hard time accepting her generous offer, but I am so grateful for it because I was so excited to go to the temple tonight and to get to spend a little more time with HH. And she's just the kind of friend that does this sort of thing without giving it a second thought. And having her kind offer tonight and her friendship in my life provided me with a big Joyful Moment today.

And breaking the news to Sweet P brought another Joyful Moment since this friend's daughter is Sweet P's best friend.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments from fabulous friends!


Melanie said...

Long hard Day, but the kind of physical exhaustion that comes from getting stuff accomplished. My Joy was in serving a friend, helping my community, getting the kitchen cleaned (finally), making bread (and being sucessful) for Ry, and knowing that I have so much still to do...but that I think I choose the better part.

Linda said...

I'm so happy for you and grateful for your friend who helped make it work out.

2 joys that I want to share today - 1) My sweetheart called from the Netherlands to say "good morning" and "I love you" which started my day off perfectly. 2)Each of our children invited us to move in and live with them this summer. (Not to mention that their creative email invitations made me laugh out loud and feel very loved.)