Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 557: Another Stinky Day

Yeah.  Today was rough.

By 8:30 AM I was ready to trade all three of my children in.  Preferably for a nice Harley to take me to Sturgis, but I'd have settled for just about anything that didn't whine about the breakfast I'd made (and I actually made what they requested this morning!).

Baby B is a walking tornado, destroying anything and everything in his path.  And veering this way and that to make sure his path is as wide as possible.  So, I spend the majority of his waking hours trying to keep up with him, telling him 'no', cleaning up or fixing whatever he's ruined, and then trying to locate him again to fix the next disaster.

I think I might have pulled a muscle in my low back during yoga this morning.

And then to really round off the day, the washer quit in the middle of a load.  Leaving me with a washer full of soapy water and soapy clothes.  Thank goodness for a nearby friend who let me finish my load in her washer!

Big, deep, purging sighs, Everyone.

Just another day in Paradise.

Today's Joyful Moment was pretty worthwhile, thank goodness.  We met Sweet P's new teacher at the school open house tonight.  She seems just as kind and caring as last year's teacher.  Yay!  And since that is a Joyful Moment that will affect us clear through next May, it still trumps all of today's woes.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments that trump your daily woes!


Meg said...

I feel your pain with Baby B. Wyatt is terrible! I could barely get dinner on the table tonight without him trying to burn himself on our oven (the outside part gets hot- lame right?!) and in all my attempts to save him from burning his hands off, I over cooked the corn and the pizza. Ugh. Cooking is hard enough without a little booger running around!

Anyway... today my joyful moment was when Weston cleaned the entire kitchen b/c I was so exhausted after dinner. He loves me. :)

Meg said...

ps. I have thought of putting him in his high chair, but he hates that. Plus he doesn't eat dinner when he's already been in his high chair for an hour while I make breakfast. Any ideas on how to cook with a toddler around?

Cheryl said...

Meg, I do as much prep work as possible during nap time. And then if need be, I give him part of his dinner in the high chair while I make the rest of ours. And then if he gets frustrated during our dinner, we just pull him out and let him run around (or, sit in my lap). Not ideal, but functional for now.

Nikki said...

Bless your sweet heart, Cheryl. Big hugs to you! My joyful moment is that it is Friday :).