Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 567: What I Wish I Could Bottle

*Canning Update*  Three of the four cans sealed.  Super exciting.

Have I ever told you about Little M's laugh?  It is seriously the best laugh around.  Not necessarily the best sounding laugh, like all of those crazy youtube videos.  It's just the best all around laugh.  Because it's so genuine and... I think I just sat here for a full minute trying to figure out how to best describe it.

But when the boy really laughs, I mean really, it is just such a joyous, all-encompassing laugh.  Everyone within earshot stops and looks at this little boy who is so clearly enjoying life at 110% because of how completely happy the laugh sounds.

Tonight he did one of those laughs.  Because he rode his bike into these massive dirt ruts made by some construction trucks running through mud--and he got stuck.  And apparently, this pleased him perfectly and made him laugh with such a contented heart.  HH and I stopped mid-sentence in our conversation and just shared in his laughter and joy.

You really had to be there, I suppose, to fully appreciate this.  Just know that there are few things that bring such an instant Joyful Moment as when he laughs that laugh.  I love it.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments that make you laugh with a perfectly contented heart!

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Linda said...

Having heard his laugh, I can imagine the whole scene. You did a great job of making me wish I'd been there to share in the joy. :)

MY joy today - playing battleship with your nephew, Jared, over skype. All his idea, which we've been trying to find a mutually good time to do for more than a week. He made my day when he first invited me and again today because he's just such a sweetheart! (Can a grandma get away with calling an almost 10 yr old a sweetheart?) And he even let me win!!!