Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 559: Green Cake

This morning, HH and rode our bikes to the Farmer's Market.  That's a 20 minuted drive from my house.  We were a little closer since we left from the gym, but it was still a 14 1/2 mile ride round trip.  And we brought along the bike trailer, so we could bring home our CSA veggies in the cooler. I pulled the majority of the time because poor HH had just returned home from two hours of intense basketball and was already pretty tired.  It ended up being more of a workout than I bargained for.  But it's so good to have fresh, healthy veggies in our fridge again.  And it seemed so perfect and healthy to ride our bikes there instead of drive.  So, the experience was a very satisfying Joyful Moment.

I went out with my girlfriends tonight to celebrate my birthday and the birthday of another friend.  We went to a little French restaurant I'd never heard of.

It. Was.  Amazing.

Just looking at the menu was a Joyful Moment.  Albeit, a stressful Joyful Moment because it was impossible to decide what to order.  But finally I did and it did not disappoint!

Plus, there was ample girl talk going on.  I just love my girlfriends.  Seriously, they are the best.  They showered me with beautiful, thoughtful gifts--many of which were handmade.   They're amazing.  Huge Joyful Moments all around.

And then, the waitress brought out the dessert tray.  And we had a long moment of silence as we stared at it in loving adoration.  Well, maybe with a touch of lust in there, too.

This is the one I finally chose.  But we all shared and this ended up not being my favorite.  Which is alright.  It was still a yummy dessert.

And then we finished off the night with even more chatting a more Joyful Moments.

Really Good Day.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments on a Really Good Day!


Laura said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, friend!

Linda said...

Is this what led to your birthday illness?

My joy was sailing with your dad in his lazer for a few hours this afternoon, after a morning of painting red stripes on the front steps of a local elementary school, alongside other members of our stake for our day of service. It was a lot of fun and reminded of painting a chicken coop red with your older sibs about 30 years ago. :)