Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 570: Starts and Ends

Tonight was busy.

First, we had Little M's preschool open house.  That's sort of old news now because this is his second year in the program and Sweet P did it the year before, but he was so excited, we couldn't skip it.

Plus, it gave me the chance to get a picture of him with his sweet teachers from last year.  You may recall, I was attacked by The Plague just before the end of his school year and forgot to take a picture of him with them on his last day.  It's a good thing I already know and love his new teachers for this year, or I'd have a really hard time accepting that he won't be with these two again.  They are wonderful!

So, the even was a Joyful Moment with the anticipation of many more Joyful Moments with his progress and fun at school to come.

The rest of the evening's busyness was a bittersweet Joyful Moment.

I had a houseful of wonderful friends.  That would be a stellar Joyful Moment, except that the reason everyone came was because we hosted a going away party for some of our good friends who are moving in a few days.

It was a fabulous evening of fun and laughter, but I could have done without the tears at the end.  Of course, I'll see her again a couple times before they go, and I am always in denial about good byes, so I don't know what that silliness was about.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments that are more like exciting beginnings and less like tearful farewells!

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Linda said...

Yea for little m - We hope he has a great year of new experiences and fun learning. I spent all day learning about "Activity Days" - and am joyful to be getting a handle on what I'll be doing with my new assignment in church, working with 17+ girls ages 8-11, and 4 other leaders.