Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 563: Home Grown

Tonight I made a pasta sauce from tomatoes and carrots grown in my very own garden.  And then I made noodles with chopped basil from my herb pot.

Making it was a huge, self-satisfying Joyful Moment.  I just felt so healthy!

Unfortunately, my overzealous adoration of garlic interfered with my cooking again, as the sauce was a bit over-garlicky even for my taste.  So, eating it was not as much of a Joyful Moment as I was expecting.  But still--everyone ate it just fine and at least we were all super healthy for it.


And then I came home from a Joyful Moment eating ice cream with my girlfriends to find HH just finishing up the installation of the beautiful ceiling fan in our bedroom.  And that was another Joyful Moment!  I'm so proud of my handy HH.  The fan looks really pretty there.  The lighting is much better. And, best of all, I slept SO comfortably last night!  I'm a really hot sleeper, but I can't turn the A/C down as low as I need it because then everyone else in the house freezes all night.  So, the ceiling fan is perfect!

Wishing you all Joyful Moments experienced at just the right temperature!


Nikki said...

Right on, Cheryl! Those are some awesome joyful moments!

Linda said...

My second day at Ed Wk, filled with joy and joy and joy....