Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 569: Mom, I Know You Love Me

My mom has spoken with me several times since my birthday, sent me two e-cards, and one snail mail card with a gift.  And so, when she called this morning, I was surprised to hear her say that she was just calling because she felt like she hadn't adequately honored my birthday.

Sadly, we were headed into Little M's violin lesson at that moment (in which he did great--Joyful Moments for us both!), so I couldn't let her fulfill her wishes at that moment.

But, I am a good daughter, so I returned her call this afternoon.  And catching up with her and chatting for a while was my Joyful Moment.

I have an awesome mom.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments with someone who can't express their love for you enough!


Linda said...

"Have I told you lately that I love you..."

Thanks, your phone call made my day more joyful! I know you're busy and you've made me feel pretty doggone special.

deepasforever said...

Hi Cheryl,
Your blog has made me smile and laugh today. I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and had just created a new blog called the wallower, in which I was being miserable. I clicked next blog and yours came up! What a good idea of yours (joyful moments) - is it serendipity?

Cheryl said...

deepasforever--Welcome! Whether it was serendipity or not, I'm glad you found us!

deepasforever said...

I'm glad I found it too! I shall keep returning to read it as well.
Have a lovely day:)