Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 575: New Schools Will Come

That was part of Little M's response to me when I sort of freaked out about him going to Kindergarten next year.

And he spoke it like a wise, old sage.

My babies is growing up.


And this one started his last year of preschool today.

This little goofball is the source of so many Joyful Moments.  And seeing how excited he was for his first day was a Joyful Moment.

Hearing all about his first day when I picked him, was a less than satisfactory Joyful Moment.  But funny, nonetheless.

A few highlights:

"I can't remember."

"Everybody had a good day.  Except one boy who kept getting into trouble."

Little M:  I made a new friend.

Me:  Boy, or girl?

LM:  Girl.

Me:  What's her name?

LM:  I don't know.

Me:  What does she look like?

LM:  I forgot.

Yes, he will be missed for the 7 1/2 hours a week we're apart.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments that are 100% satisfactory!


Linda said...

How fun to experience his 1st day through photos and conversations!

Linda said...

I had a joyful moment when I saw that the radishes I planted just a few days ago are up already. And when I picked 19 - yes 19! tomatoes out of our garden. :)

Cheryl said...

Way to go, Green Thumb Lady!

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

Oh this sounds all too familiar! Caden started preschool a couple weeks ago and I got about the same story: They didn't do anything and he didn't remember anyone's name. )c: But now he knows all the names, especially the girls...I don't know which I prefer! It's so hard to see them growing up! *wiping a tear* (c:

Cheryl said...

For now, I'll take the girl interest. It's hilarious! But, not looking forward to it down the road so much...